How to Make Money From Online Gambling - Our Guide

Millions of people around the world dream of winning a large sum of money and instantly changing their lives for the better. But how to do it? You've probably heard that some lucky people have made a fortune playing online casino games. But how real it is, are there any secrets and rules, and how to make money gambling online, if you are a newbie - we will answer all these and other questions in our guide. Our experts have tried to accumulate as much useful information in it as possible, which will help you make a wise decision about how online gambling suits you. 

What is Online Gambling?

Sites that work in the gambling industry offer punters from different locations of the world thousands of games in different genres. Online casinos are followers of land-based gambling establishments, and in comparison with them, they have many advantages. One of them is the opportunity to enjoy your favourite entertainment and claim to win money remotely, without having to visit an offline casino. 

To become a client of a gambling resource, you need to open an account. To do this, you must provide the site with personal and contact details. If you use the services of a legal and reliable operator, then your confidential data will be reliably protected. Top portals value their reputation and license, which requires a lot of effort to obtain. 

By registering at an online casino, you will be able to conduct payment transactions (replenish the balance and withdraw winnings), communicate with support agents, participate in tournaments and Prize races, activate bonuses and incentives and, most importantly, enjoy games and claim to win a lot of money. Top portals offer a large array of proven payment solutions, so you will have no difficulty withdrawing the funds you have won. 

How to Prepare for the Games?

So, you want to make money with online gambling. But, before doing this, you need to know an important detail — any activity in which you risk money requires preparation. Here's what you need to do: 

Step 1. Pick an online resource

It should be a legal and licensed portal that has been working in the industry for several years. It will not be superfluous to study the reviews of its activities, and then register.

Step 2. Form a budget

You need to determine how much money you will not be sorry to lose if luck doesn't favour you. If you are a newbie, then we explain specifically for you: without money in your account, you will not be able to play and claim cash winnings, so get ready to replenish your balance.

Step 3. Determine the time for the game

Try to allocate 1-2 hours for gambling, having completed all the important things before that, so that nothing distracts you. If you play from a mobile phone, then there is an additional risk factor - you can get a call at any time. Remember this.

Step 4. Pick a game

On online gambling resources, you can find thousands of games in dozens of categories. They differ in the complexity of the rules and the level of influence of luck on the result. If you want to win money, then we recommend picking such titles in which the knowledge and skills of the punter are of key importance, and not chance.

Step 5. Hone your skills

If you understand the rules of the game, then your chances of success will be higher. This is especially important in such gambler-friendly titles as Blackjack and online Poker. 

Factors of Luck and Skill

We may disappoint you, but there is no perfect strategy for making money from online casinos. If you meet on the Internet a person who tries to sell you such an ‘ideal’ strategy, don't believe him. Most likely, this is a fraudster who is trying to cash in on inexperienced gamblers. The fact is that in almost all online casino games, luck has a great influence on the result. Yes, there are titles in which a punter's skills and knowledge can significantly increase his or her chances of winning, but even they carry risks for your wallet. 

There are games in online casino libraries in which the result depends only on the will of chance, and the punter's role is reduced only to starting the next round. Such titles, for example, include online slots. It is impossible to influence the result with knowledge or skills because it is determined by a Random Number Generator. But, this does not hurt the popularity of online slots, which are considered top entertainment for gamblers. 

There are also games in which, on the contrary, almost everything depends on the punter. This is online poker. This card entertainment also influences chance, because the cards are distributed randomly, but this is limited because further events develop only depending on the actions of the participants. For this reason, poker and blackjack are considered the most profitable gambling games. If you train long and hard and play many (including in trial mode), then you can achieve good results. 

Ways to Make Money With Online Gambling

There are many opportunities to win money in online gambling. Please note that we said ‘win’, not ‘earn’. If you want to play at an online casino to earn money, then you will be disappointed. 

Skill Games

Many gamblers who are great at Blackjack and online Poker periodically win money in these titles. They are considered the most favourable type of entertainment for punters in online casinos if we talk about the chances of winning. The chance factor in them is limited to the distribution of cards. Otherwise, the participants decide their fate by forming game combinations, getting rid of unnecessary cards and collecting those cards that will help them increase their chances of winning. If you are looking for games in which knowledge of the rules and excellent skills can help you earn money on gambling, then Blackjack and online Poker should be your choice. 

Games of Luck

From the name, everything becomes clear — in such titles, the result depends only on luck and the will of chance. This is understandable because in conditional roulette or online slots you will not be able to influence the result. In the first case, the fate of your winnings is determined by the rotation of the ball in the wheel, and in the second — by the rotation of the reels. Of course, games in which everything is decided by chance also require participants to understand the rules, otherwise, you will quickly lose the entire bankroll. 


Many online casino games (typically, slots, say, Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods) allow punters to win jackpots. They can be fixed (with a predetermined amount of winnings) and progressive, when the jackpot size increases, receiving a share of each bet gamblers make. It is about jackpots that both newbies and experienced punters dream of, and they can be understood. Just one successful bet or spin of the reels in online slots can change your life for the better in a matter of seconds. Note that it's not so easy to win the jackpot, the chance of it is small, but who knows, maybe you will be lucky. 

Prize Races

One of the most exciting activities of online casinos is Prize races, tournaments and leaderboards. These are special events that are held in honour of some holiday (say, Halloween or St. Patrick's Day) or are not timed to anything, and are designed to give a boost to the game on the site. Most often, participation in such events requires gamblers to play certain games, place bets for real money and get points for it. At the end of the tournament or the Prize Race, the organizer summarizes the results and distributes the prize pool among the participants who took places in, for example, the top 20. Prizes can include real and bonus money, free spins, cashback, as well as real gifts — from smartphones of the latest model to cars. 

Bonuses and Incentives

Another way to make money with online gambling is to use bonuses. Almost every online casino offers its regular customers various incentives that allow them to receive extra funds, free spins for online slots or other ‘gifts'. Note that the bonus itself and the winnings received with it usually cannot be withdrawn from the account until the wagering conditions are met. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you study the terms of the Promo action you are interested in before you participate in it. 

VIP programs

Many online casinos have Loyalty programs or VIP clubs. Regular and active punters become their participants. The more you play on the cash, use the services of the resource and visit it more often, the more points you score. Usually, Loyalty programs consist of several levels, and you can increase your status by gaining enough points. With the achievement of a new level, you unlock the benefits associated with it: these can be both bonuses and real prizes. Our experts have found examples when sports cars were awarded by gambling operators for reaching the last level of the VIP program! 

Tips to Gamble Online

Tips to Gamble Online 

There are some tips that our experts recommend you adopt if you do not want to lower your chances of success in online gambling. Each of these tips is easy to use: 

Tip 1. Play on legal sites

We recommend a responsible approach to pick an online casino. Pay attention to the license, certificates of independent auditors, the selection of payment gates, the products of game providers and other factors that indicate the reliability of the resource;

Tip 2. Control the budget

You should only play for the money that you will not be afraid to lose. Do not exceed your limits, no matter how much you would like to recoup after losing;

Tip 3. Set aside a certain amount of time for the game

The longer your gaming sessions last, the more fatigue and a drop in attentiveness will affect your results;

Tip 4. No alcohol

Don’t even think about playing if you are drunk or depressed. All altered states of mind will lead you to lose money;

Tip 5. Try before you buy

The absolute majority of gambling operators allow you to try their games for free. Take the most out of this option. Compare titles with each other, learn the rules, train, develop skills, and learn mechanics. All this will help you later when you start playing on the cash;

Tip 6. Risk your money only in games that you know how to play

Everything is simple here — if you understand the rules of Baccarat, then try to lure luck in this entertainment. No one forbids you to risk money in other titles, but you will have a better chance of success in a game you know well;

Tip 7. Bonuses can be useful

Almost any gambling resource has a section for incentives and Promotions. They can help you increase your winnings, but before activating any bonus, carefully study the wagering conditions. If they are too complicated, then it is recommended to refuse the offer. 

Play Responsibly

Play Responsibly 

In conclusion, we would like to warn you that online gambling can be very dangerous. Many people lose control of themselves, wanting to win as much money as possible. They forget that gambling should be a hobby, a way to have a good time, and not a means of earning funds. Top online casinos support the principles of Responsible gambling and offer their clients several tools to protect problem punters: 

Deposit restrictions

This tool allows you to set limits on the replenishment of the balance for a period from one day to a month;

Limits on the size of bets

If you feel that you are spending too much money, then set a limit on the max possible total amount of bets for a certain period;

Restrictions on monetary losses

This tool will automatically prohibit you from spending money on the gambling portal if you have reached the spending limit you have set;


Using this tool, you can block access to certain services or categories of games;

Account blocking

In difficult cases, you can request a temporary or permanent account lock. In the first case, you will ask the support agents to prohibit you from accessing the resource for a certain period, in the second case, your account will be permanently deleted. This operation cannot be cancelled.

Most Common Questions

How to Win Money Gambling Online

To win money in online casino games, you need to be well-versed in the rules. It is best to pick such titles in which the knowledge and skills of the punter have a great influence on the result and not the luck factor. All this does not guarantee you victory, but it will protect you from mistakes and increase your chances of success. 

Can Skill Help Me to Make Money Gambling

Yes, we strongly recommend that you use all the opportunities to improve your skills by training in the free versions of online casino games. Top gambling operators usually offer a trial mode of different titles, so make the most of it. Remember that skill is not the determining factor in all games — you will have the greatest chances to apply your knowledge to win in Blackjack and Poker. 

Making Money Gambling - is it Fair?

In those cases when you play on legal gambling online resources, you have no reason to doubt their honesty. Such casinos make great efforts to build trusting relationships with customers. They receive licenses from international regulators and certificates of independent auditors confirming the integrity of the game on their platforms. 

Am I Guaranteed to Win if I Play at an Online Casino for Real Money?

No one guarantees you a win at an online casino. If some gambling operator claims the opposite in their advertising, then do not believe it - they are just trying to lure you to the site and force you to make a deposit. Online gambling is an extremely risky activity, and it is recommended to enjoy it as a hobby, rather than perceive it as a way to make money. 

How to Make Money Gambling if I am Under 18?

No one will allow you to use online casino services if you are under the age of 18. Legal gambling sites do not allow minors on their platforms. You will not be able to deceive the administration, because even if you win money, before approving a transaction for their withdrawal, the casino will ask you for identification docs.